Thursday, November 26, 2009

silly little faerie

The Faerie sits quietly and waits for something; although she knows not what. Her eyes water slightly from lonliness. A bitter fascination passes across her dreamy eyelids and they fall heavier from the lack of sleep. She doesn't press nor does she call to him...only waits. Her red locks glisten under the moonlight much like her first freshly fallen tear. The rebellious fluid drops from her lashes and rolls down her smoothe cheek. She lifts her hand to wipe it away but another hand removes it for her. She gasps, drawn aback by the sudden intrusion of her space. Her heart races and her hands fly up to sheild her from her intruder. The shadows swallow the limb as it withdraws carrying her stolen sadness. Spirit shudders wide-eyed, as she scans her familiar darkness. The figure materializes from the depths of her dreams and smiles. Spirit, recognizing the entity smiles back and opens her arms.

"You've come."....she whispers shaking faerie dust all around her. The little faerie stands and jumps into his arms...wings all a-flutter.

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